The Mole Show appears at many shows around the UK here is some of the shows we have attended

The Royal Berkshire Show

The Royal Cornwall Show

Edenbridge & Oxted Show

Bucks County Show

Surrey County Show

Kent County Show

The Garden Show

The Henley Show

Heathfield Show

South of England Show

The Royal Show

Amateur Gardening Show

The Smallholder's Show

Great Gardening Show

Spring Leisure Show

Heavy Horse Show

Egham Royal Show

Moreton Show

Melton Show

Surrey Ploughing Show


A humorous educational live show about moles and mans plight to be rid of it, this unique show has been entertaining at venues both large and small around the UK.

This is not a display of old traps and business cards, or a tout for business or gain but a full fun performance show bringing your event a world beneath your feet

Explaining the mysterious world beneath your feet is Jeff Nicholls – The Grass Shark Hunter! Jeff is the UK’s leading authority on mole catching and his knowledge is combined with some help from a few of his loveable characters and friends to provide approximately 30-40 minutes of informative fun.

The Mole Show can be presented both inside and outside with different options of show formats appropriate to your venue. Performed with its own sound and lighting the show can also offer a static display where free advice about moles is offered to calm even the most frustrated of gardeners and land owners between performances.

The Mole Show requires a flat dry area of ground a minimum 15m wide x 15m deep [with extra area for the audience in the front with some minimum seating] a 13amp electrical supply and access for parking a vehicle  behind.

The Mole Show will provide canopies to perform from for shade and protection in light rain, PA system, radio microphone and sound effects/props, scenery where no static display is required.

At inside venues we include lighting/effects and only require a frontage of 8M x 3M with the audience seated in a horse shoe shape. Audience participation is adopted in all shows

There will be a minimum of two people in attendance. The artiste carries  public liability insurance and is CRB checked

Should inclement weather or other circumstances beyond the artiste control prevent the artiste from presenting their act on the day, the aforementioned fee will still be payable, provided the artiste attend the venue.


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Although the Mole show occasionally employs the use of puppets it is not a children’s  puppet show and may contain adult references in this unique explanation into the strange world of the mole.